The GVM databases help you to answer many differentiated questions about packaging.

GVM databases: comprehensive, up to date & know-how included

GVM databases help you to answer many questions with regards to packaging. The in-house developed nomenclature of packaging lays a foundation for a complete view of the packaging market in terms of products (individual products, product segments) and the packaging (filling unit, packaging materials, etc.).

The database DB Market Volume of Packaging provides a comprehensive overview of the packaging use and consumption in Germany. It includes numerous parameters, for example product segments, different measurement categories and the structure of waste accumulation and collection points. Further details on the database structure and content can be found in the description of DB Market Volume of Packaging.

Another important foundation of our research is the database DB Packaging Samples which records packaging data separately according to individual packaging components and currently contains 20,000 data sets. You can download a detailed description here.