Welcome to GVM —
Gesellschaft für Verpackungsmarktforschung

We provide reliable data for future-oriented decision-making processes.

B2B market research with a focus on packaging. You are in need of reliable figures?

  • as basis for investment decisions,
  • to find conclusive arguments to solve conflicts of interest or
  • to understand current and future context of your market?

We offer that!

You can benefit from our extensive services, from the use of a data base that is unique in the industry, and from our many years of tested and proven expertise.

Market research focused on packaging has a name: GVM

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07/2023: Mandatory Proportion of Reuse in Transport Packaging

The German Association of the Corrugated Board Industry (VdW) published GVM’s study on the effect of a mandatory share of…

07/2023: Packaging Consumption in Germany has reached its peak

At the AGVU Orientation Day in June 2023, GVM’s Managing Director Kurt Schüler gave a presentation on the contributing…

06/2023: Study on the Material Efficiency of Packaging Materials

The German Association of Plastics Packaging Industry (IK) publishes GVM’s study on the material efficiency of packaging…