GVM databases are an invaluable tool for answering a multitude of differentiated questions on the topic of packaging. The in-house development of an encompassing nomenclature laid the foundation for an unparalleled view on the industry in terms of products (filling goods, filling good segments) and packaging (filled unit, packaging materials, etc.).

DB Market Volume Packaging offers a comprehensive overview of the packaging use and consumption in Germany. Numerous parameters are included, such as filling good segments, measurands and the structure of where the packaging waste arises. Further details on the database‘s structure and contents can be found in our description of the DB Market Quantity Packaging.

Another important foundation of our research is DB Packaging Samples which contains data on separate packaging components. Currently, it includes over 20,000 datasets. Download a detailed description of the database here.

GVM databases: comprehensive, up-to-date – know-how included