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02/2020 Substitution of Plastic Packaging by Corrugated Cardboard
Kurt Schüler provided information on the potential of substituting plastic packaging by corrugated cardboard packaging at the advisory board of the Forum Ökologisch Verpacken e. V. (forum for ecological packaging).

01/2020 Recycling Quota Slightly Declining in 2018
The recovery of packaging waste in Germany remains at a high level in 2018. Overall, the recycling quota slightly declined by 0.9 percentage-points to 78.0 %. These are the results of the latest Packaging Recycling Report by GVM. Further information can be found “here”.

01/2020 Procter & Gamble Sustainable Packaging Summit
At the Sustainable Packaging Summit of Procter & Gamble, Alexander Reitz gave an overview on the packaging waste policy in Europe and its implications for multinational companies.

10/2019 Presentation on the Use of Recycled Materials in Plastic Packaging at 4th IK Sustainability Day
Alexander Reitz held a presentation on “The Use of Recycled Materials in Plastic Packaging – Quality Requirements and Volume Potential” at 4th IK Sustainability Day in Bad Homburg.

10/2019 Presentation on Used Packaging
At the Milk Industry Fall Meeting by Weihenstephan (Weihenstephaner Milchwirtschaftliche Herbsttagung) Kurt Schüler gave a presentation on the topic „What Becomes of Our Used Packaging? – Material Flow Analysis for Germany“.

10/2019 Panel Discussion on the Challenges for Food Packaging
On October 7th 2019 during the Anuga trade fair in Cologne, Kurt Schüler participated in a panel discussion. The Forum Ecological Packaging and the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries invited interested parties from retail, industry, politics and research to discuss the topic of “Challenges for Food Packaging – Ways to Get Away from Discussing Waste”.

09/2019 Presentation on GVM’s Packaging Recycling Report for Germany
At the Wuerzburger Packaging Forum (Würzburger Verpackungsforum) „Nine months packaging law – experiences and consequences“, Kurt Schüler reported on the topic „Recycling of Packaging – Consumption and Recovery”.

09/2019 Presentation on the Material Flow Balance for Tinplate Packaging
Nicolas Cayé presented GVM’s new „Material Flow Balance for Tinplate Packaging“ at the annual meeting of the German Metal Packaging Association (Verband Metallverpackungen e. V.) and Conveyor Society Metal Packaging (Fördergesellschaft Metallverpackungen mbH) in Lörrach.

09/2019 Federal Environmental Agency publishes reusable and ecologically advantageous one-way packaging quota 2017
43.6 % of all drinks beverages in Germany 2017 were filled in reusable and ecologically advantageous one-way packaging. It is 0.6 percentage points down compared to the previous year. The complete report can be downloaded at the website of the Federal Environmental Agency.
Key results can be found in our “Blickpunkt” publication.

08/2019 GVM Participates at the Company Run in Mainz
For the sixth time in a row Team GVM tackled along with 7,400 other participants the Company Run in Mainz.

06/2019 Consumption of plastic carrier bags decreases by 18 % in 2018
The consumption of plastic carrier bags in Germany saw another significant decline in 2018. Compared to 2017, 0.6 billion less plastic carrier bags were being used (- 18 %). Compared to 2015, the consumption of plastic carrier bags in Germany decreased by almost two thirds (-64 %). These are the results of a new study by GVM on behalf of the Handelsverband Deutschland – HDE – e.V (German Trade Association).
Further data and information to the voluntary self-commitment of Germany retailers can be found at

06/2019 Presentation on the Barriers to the Use of Recycled Materials in Plastic Packaging
At a meeting of EuroCommerce, Alexander Reitz held a lecture on theBarriers to the “Use of Recycled Materials in Plastic Packaging“.

04/2019 Barriers to the Use of Recycled Materials in Plastic Packaging
The share of recycled materials in plastic packaging is under 10%. To get a better understanding for the reasons, the Climate Action Campaign of the German Retail Federation commissioned GVM with a study. The results were presented as part of a parliamentary breakfast on 9th of April in Berlin. The study concludes that sustainable improvements to the situation of recycled plastics would especially result from the establishment of mandatory, accepted and workable quality standards as well as the acceleration and de-bureaucratization of the approval of recyclates with food-contact. The short version of the study can be read for free under

03/2019 The Fairy Tale of the European Packaging Champions
No country in Europe produces more packaging waste than the Germans. At least if one believes the Eurostat-statistics cited by the press. In detail, however, there are massive inconsistencies and the statistics of the individual European countries are only often not directly comparable with each other. In an article in the Lebensmittelzeitung LZ from 29.03.2019 GVM Project Manager Alexander Reitz explains the reasons.

10/2018 Our Offer to You: Consulting on Packaging Legislation
The packaging market is changing. The new German Packaging Law will be in effect in 2019. In addition, there will be significant changes on the European level: The Single-Use Plastics Directive proposed by the European Commission is a first step in implementing a new Plastics Strategy. Let GVM advise you on how § 21 VerpackG, increased recycling requirements or the new regulation of packaging licensing fees will affect your company. Do the opportunities outweigh the risk? Further information can be found in our folder (german), or just give us a call.

09/2018: Federal Environmental Agency publishes reusable and ecologically advantageous one-way packaging quota 2016
44.2 % of all drinks beverages in Germany 2016 were filled in reusable and ecologically advantageous one-way packaging. It is 1.3 percentage points donw compared to the previous year. The complete report can be downloaded at the website of the Federal Environmental Agency. Key results can be found in our „Blickpunkt“ publication.

09/2018 Panel of Experts on the Future of the Packaging Market in Lebensmittelzeitung
Experts from the folding box and corrugated paper industry, plastics industry, FMCG industry and market research debated in the LZ Lebensmittelzeitung’s “Focal Point: Packaging” section (German Food Newspaper – Issue of September 21st) the consequences of Germany’s new packaging legislation. Therein, GVM managing director Kurt Schüler assesses the ecological footprint of packaging and names the essential drivers and barriers for innovation in the packaging industry

09/2018 GVM Participates at the 5th Company Run in Mainz
For the fifth time in a row, GVM started at Mainz’s company run event. On September 6th Team GVM joined 7,000 other runners on an attractive course through the inner city of Mainz.

06/2018: 15th AGVU Orientation Day
On July 26th, 2018, AGVU (Working Group on Packaging and Environment) held its 15th Orientation Day in Berlin. Among other topics, the results of a study on the “Benefits of Packaging” were presented. The study was conducted on behalf of AGVU by GVM and denkststatt (Vienna). Further information can be found here.

06/2018: Consumption of Plastic Carrier Bags Decreasing Again
In 2017, the consumption of plastic carrier bags in Germany saw another significant deacrease once more. Compared to 2016, 1.3 billion less plastic carrier bags were used, a decline of more than 33 %. The introduction of the voluntary self-commitment to reduce the use of plastic carrier bags, which came into effect on July 1st, 2016, is the single most important factor for the decline.

This is the result of a survey by GVM on behalf of the German Trade Association (HDE – Handelsverband Deutschland).

Further information can be found in a press release by HDE and at .

04/2018: Catalog of packaging subject to licensing at a packaging recovery organization
On behalf of the Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister, GVM is currently working on a basis for a catalog of packaging that is subject to licensing at a packaging recovery organization according to § 3 (8) VerpackG.

02/2018: market induced challenges for packaging design
Based on a presentation at the symposium Future Resources by Interseroh and the German packaging institute (DVI) in October 2018, GVM further elaborated on the market induced challenges for packaging design for an article in the well-known professional journal Müll und Abfall (Garbage and Waste Magazine). The article can be found in issue 2-18.

12/2017: Jürgen Heinisch steps down from GVM management
Jürgen Heinisch will leave his position as managing director of GVM at the end of the year. His main responsibilities included controlling and finance as well as project management. Facing his 60th birthday, he deems it the right moment to take more of his time for travelling, voluntary commitments and cultural activities. He will continue to aid GVM as an external consultant. On behalf of all employees, Kurt Schüler thanks Jürgen Heinisch for many years of successful work as GVM managing director and wishes him all the best for his future.

10/2017: Symposium Future Resources
Interseroh and the German packaging institute (DVI) invited to Frankfurt/Main on October 17th, 2017 to discuss the topic “Packaging as a Resource”. GVM project manager Alexander Reitz held a presentation on “Market Induced Challenges of Packaging Design”. Further information and impressions can be found at

10/2017: GVM congratulates TTC „Rot-Weiß“ 1921 Wiesbaden-Biebrich on Award „Grünen Band“
TTC „Rot-Weiß“ 1921 Wiesbaden Biebrich was awarded the annual accolade by the initiative „Das Grüne Band“ (“The Green Band by Commerzbank and the German Olympic Sports Confederation DOSB). The table tennis club from Wiesbaden-Biebrich was among the 50 German clubs that were each awarded 5000 € for their outstanding support of young talents. GVM is a longtime supporter of the club and congratulates on this great achievement.
You can find further information at:

07/2017: 33 % Less Plastic Carrier Bags in Germany
In 2016, 3.7 billion plastic carrier bags were used in Germany, which is about a third less than in 2016. The biggest reason for the decline is the voluntary self-commitment to reduce the use of plastic carrier bags, that came into effect on July 1st, 2016. This is the result of a new survey by GVM on behalf of the German Trade Association (HDE – Handelsverband Deutschland).

06/2017: Federal Environmental Agency publishes reusable and ecologically advantageous one-way packaging quota 2015
45.5 % of all drinks beverages in Germany 2015 were filled in reusable and ecologically advantageous one-way packaging. This figure is 0.6 percentage points lower than the year prior. The complete report can be downloaded at the website of the Federal Environmental Agency. Key results can be found in our „Blickpunkt“ publication.

06/2017: 06/2017 Recycling Rate of Beverage Cans Is Exceptionally High

Beverage cans enjoy increasing popularity on the market. Their market volume grew by 0.55 million pieces to 2.37 million pieces between 2013 and 2015. This is an increase by almost 30 %. The recycling rate is exceptionally high: tin plate beverage cans recycled by 99.7 %, aluminum cans by 98.7 % if they are subject to a deposit scheme. This is the result of a new report by GVM that was commissioned by DAVR GmbH, Forum Getränkedose GbR and ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein GmbH. Find the complete report in German here.

05/2017: GVM’s Employees Active at Conferences
In the first four months of 2017, GVM’s employees used several occasions to exchange experiences and knowledge with packaging industry experts. Anke Leighty gave a lecture on the trends for packaging films at the 15th Inno-Meeting. Alexander Reitz talked about recycling-friendly design, the recycling of PET beverage bottles and the recycling of plastic packaging in general at Solpack 2.0 and the Innoform/SKZ-convention. Finally, Kurt Schüler addressed the product design and the market tendencies of paper packaging at the PTS-seminar “Focus on Waste Paper”.

01/2017: New GVM-Report: Flexible Plastic Packaging Market in Germany and in Europe. Trends and Perspectives until 2021 by Product Categories
The aspect of sustainability and recyclability of packaging is becoming increasingly important. At the same time decreasing margins and largely saturated markets force packaging manufacturers to creative solutions. The new GVM report describes important trends and provides a market overview on flexible sales packaging in Germany and in Europe. The detailed segmentation of different types of plastic/plastic composites by product categories and a forecast for 2021 is a major focal point. You can order the report as of now. Further information can be found here.

09/2016: Study on the Recyclability of Plastic Packaging
At the shareholder workshop of BKV GmbH on September 26th in Berlin, the new study “Potential for the Increase of Material Recycling of Plastic Packaging (Potenziale zur Steigerung der werkstofflichen Verwertung von Kunststoffverpackungen) was presented. The study conducted by Prognos and GVM on behalf of BKV illustrates how eco-design and the improvement of sorting technology can contribute to more material recycling of plastic packaging. It is also quantified which percentatge of plastic packaging already fulfills the requirements of good recyclability. The report can be obtained via Further information is also available in an article for Lebensmittelzeitung, edition 38-16.

06/2016: Data and Facts on the Ressource Efficiency of Plastic Packaging
The German Industry Association for Plastic Packaging (IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V.) informs about the resource efficiency of plastic packaging in a new factsheet. Topics are the resource saving through packaging light weighting and the contribution of plastic packaging towards product protection and recycling. It is based in large parts based on the GVM Recycling Report and the GVM-survey “Development of Plastic Packaging’s Efficiency in Germany 1991 to 2013”. It is available for download here.

05/2016: Federal Environmental Agency publishes reusable and ecologically advantageous one-way packaging quota 2014
46.1 % of all drinks beverages in Germany 2014 were filled in reusable and ecologically advantageous one-way packaging. This figure is 0.1 percentage points lower than the year prior. The complete report can be downloaded at the website of the Federal Environmental Agency. Key results can be found in our “Blickpunkt” publication.

04/2016: GVM presentation at the Waste and Bio Energy-Forum Kassel
GVM director Kurt Schüler held a presentation on “Packaging and Similar Material Non-Packaging in Germany – Amount, Recovery and Current Tendencies” at the 28th “Kasseler Abfall- und Bioenergieforum”(Waste and Bio Energy-Forum Kassel). The presenation is also a part of the recently published book “Bio- und Sekundärrohstoffverwertung XI (Bio- and Secondary Resource Recovery XI) of the Witzenhausen Institute (ISBN 3-928673-72-6). It describes the extensive changes of packaging consumption and recovery in the past 25 years and illustrates the consequences that would have to be expected from the recent working draft for the revison of the German packaging legislation.

03/2016: Coffee Capsules – Latest Victim to Stand in the Pillory?
In an interview with Horst Wenzel of the Lebensmittelzeitung (Issue 11/2016) Kurt Schüler discusses the sense and nonsense of regulatory fees on coffee capsules. The verdict is clear: instead of constantly putting new alleged environmental sinners in the pillory it is more imporatant to advance the packaging ordinance to a reusable material legislation with ambitious recycling targets.

02/2016: Federal Environmental Agency publishes results of the study “Evaluation and Update of Beverage Packaging Life Cycle Assessment”
The final report published by the German Federal Environmental Agency documents the scientific background and the deduction of minimum requirements for beverage packaging life cycle assessments. This is meant to harmonize the conduct and evaluation via environmental impact profiles of such life cycle assessments. The formulated minimum requirements are especially important for life cycle assessments submitted to the Federal Environmental Agency. They are meat to assure, that all included packaging systems on the market are included accurately and representatively. The survey was conducted by ifeu, integrahl and GVM. GVM especially contributed to the topics beverage segments, packaging solutions, packaging weights, trippage numbers and distribution.

The survey can be downloaded here (German).

01/2016: 93.7 % of PET beverage bottles are recycled
A recent GVM survey commissioned by Forum PET shows that the recycling quota of PET beverage bottles is 93.7 %. For the first time the existing data and knowledge on the recycling of PET beverage bottles is combined into a single unified closed-form material flow model. You can find further information in the IK press release.

09/2015: GVM Participates at the 3rd Company Run in Mainz
For the third year in a row colleagues and friends banded together for Team GVM and tackled, along with 7,000 other participants, the Company Run in Mainz.
Every step along the five kilometers through Mainz City Center brought the runners closer to the actual main event of the evening: the after-run-party.

07/2015: “One-Way Beverage Packaging in the Context of Prevention and Recycling?
GVM’s managing director Jürgen Heinisch held a keynote speech at the parliamentary evening of BGVZ (Association for Beverage Packaging of the Future). He presented the findings of a recent analysis by GVM that shows how one-way PET bottles and one-way beverage cans accommodate the idea of a circular economy via material reductions and recycling. Pictures and a report of the event can be found here.

06/2015: “More Utility – Less Material: Increasing Efficiency of Plastic Packaging??
GVM’s managing director Kurt Schüler presented the results of a recent study for BKV GmbH at the IK’s (German Association for Plastics Packagings and Films) second “Sustainability-Day” on July 26th in Bad Homburg. You can find its contents and terms of purchase in the BKV-Folder (German Version).

05/2015: “How Will Our Beer Be Packed in the Future? Forecast for 2018”
In an article for the brewing industry focused journal “Brauindustrie” GVM market analyst Alexander Reitz outlines several different scenarios for the market development of beer containers in Germany. Read the article which is based on GVM’s panel market research in issue 05/2015 of “Brauindustrie” or here online.

02/2015: GVM Provides Surveyor for a Critical Review of a Beverage Packaging Life Cycle Assessment
Gerolsteiner Brunnen commissioned a critical review under the direction of H.J. Garvens in order to examine a beverage packaging life cycle assessment by IFEU. GVM was tasked with the examination of the study’s selected packaging systems. Furthermore, GVM reviewed data and models on distribution and trippage number. Overall, the survey concluded that IFEU’s study was consistently well done.

12/2014: Public Final Presentation on the Study “Minimum Requirements for the Conduct of Beverage Packaging Life Cycle Assessments” for the German Environmental Agency
After over three years of working time the results of the study were presented to the public on December 12th, 2014 in Dessau. The new minimum requirements and quality standards developed by IFEU, GVM and Integrahl mainly concern the creators of beverage life cycle assessments supplied to the German Environmental Agency in the future. GVM especially contributed towards the topics beverage markets, choice of packaging and reference systems, packaging weights, trippage rates and distribution.

11/2014: 10th Anniversary of IPI International Packaging Institute
GVM market researcher Anke Leighty was the key note speaker at the 10th anniversary of IPI on September 19th 2014 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, presenting: The packaging market – future impacts on packaging consumption.

10/2014: “Diversity instead of simplicity: How will our beer be packed in the future?”
GVM market analyst Alexander Reitz pondered this question in detail at the 2nd “brewer’s day” of the Baden-Wuerttembergian Brewer’s Association on October 7th in Stuttgart and presented trends, export structures and forecast scenarios for the German beer market.

09/2014: Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) publishes short report: MövE-quota still declining
The quota of reusable and ecologically advantageous one-way packaging (MövE) dropped by 1,3 %-points compared to the preceding year and reached 47 % in 2012.
UBA has now released the results of the GVM Survey for the year 2012 (Texte-Reihe Nr. 66/2014).
Further information can be found in our GVM Blickpunkt “Reusable and ecologically advantageous one-way packaging quota 2012” (German version / English version) and “Reusable packaging quota 2011” (German version / English version).

06/2014: GVM figure on Günter Jauch’s show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”
During a celebrity special of the quiz show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” football reporter Waldemar Hartmann was confronted with the following question: According to the German Federal Environmental Agency, an average of 76 of which of the following are used per person per year: A) chicken eggs B) sheets of toilet paper C) plastic shopping bags D) 1 liter cola bottles. The correct answer, which Waldemar Hartmann was able to provide with the assistance of an audience joker, was the number of plastic shopping bags, determined by GVM.

04/2014: ‘Graspable’ GVM projects
Do you want to get a good, solid impression of our services?
Then take a look at our new project examples. We are absolutely sure: We can provide the perfect solution for your individual needs as well.

04/2014: “Packaging Trends on the Beer Market”
Diverse packaging types compete for the favor of consumers on the German beer market. Trends in domestic sales, export and consumption preferences lead to lasting changes. Read the professional article by our colleague Alexander Reitz in BRAUWELT 15-16, 2014 edition or online. Further information and comprehensive data on the use of packaging for beer can be found in our annual Panel reports.

03/2014: Concept Study for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management
On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management GVM conducted a concept study for quota regulation. Its results were presented at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management to representatives of System Operators and the Austrian Economic Chambers on 4 March. The study created the definitional and methodological foundation for future quota studies under the amended Waste Management Act. Based on empirically determined quotas the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management can adopt a quota regulation which corrects the lump classification of packaging into domestic packaging or commercial packaging according to the Waste Management Act with the actual generation points.

02/2014: 6.1 billion carrier bags in Germany
In 2012 stores issued a total of 6.1 billion plastic carrier bags to their customers. This information is the result of a study conducted by GVM on behalf of the BKV, HDE and IK. This is equivalent to 76 carrier bags per person per year and is well below the EU average of 198 carrier bags. As part of the dialogue event “Disposable Carrier Bags“, the Federal Environmental Agency provided the opportunity to present the results of the study. A summary can be found on the IK website and the full version can be purchased from the BKV.

01/2014: Sponsoring German Students’ Table Tennis Championships (DSM)
GVM will be one of the major sponsors for the 39th German National Students’ Table Tennis Championships (for students under 15) which will take place on the 15th and 16th March 2014 in Wiesbaden. “We are looking forward to this sports event and the opportunity to support the 48 best young players from all over Germany,” said CEO Jürgen Heinisch, himself a former table tennis player with the organizer TTC Rot-Weiss Biebrich. For further information on DSM go to:

09/2013: GVM at the first Company Run in Mainz
GVM was proud to present a team of 10 participants for the first Company Run in Mainz on 12 Sep. The 5 km circuit through the inner city of Mainz was mastered by the GVM team with great enthusiasm and lots of fun. One of the highlights was Alexander Reitz’ time of 21 minutes pushing him to a front position in a field of 4000 runners.

07/2013: “Eine Frage der Flasche” (“A matter of the bottle”)
This is the title of an article by Christine Stein, editor with the daily newspaper AZ Allgemeinen Zeitung Mainz about beverage packaging. She conducted an interview with GVM’s CEO Jürgen Heinisch. Read the article here.

07/2013: New GVM industry quotas are available
The latest GVM study on waste generation structure of industry sales packaging is now available.
The results of the study brought forth that for all product groups 10.9% of sales packaging from end consumers can be used in industry solutions.
For more information on this study click here.

01/2013: Recycling quota for packaging slightly decreasing
With the recycling results for packaging GVM has presented first results on the development of the recycling quota in 2011.
According to these results, the recycling quota for sales packaging is slightly decreasing in 2011. Also read our Blickpunkt and Press Release.
The sales brochure on the 19th edition of our Recycling Results can be found here.

11/2012: Federal Environmental Agency publishes GVM study “Volume and recovery of packaging waste in Germany in 2010”
According to EU Packaging Directive (94/62/EC) member states are obliged to annually report on consumption and recovery of packaging. The GVM study commissioned by the Federal Environmental Agency provides data for the year 2010. According to this data, 16 million tons of packaging was consumed in Germany, of which 13.45 million tons were recovered either inland or abroad. The full report can be downloaded from the Federal Environmental Agency website free of charge:

10/2012: New study: Market for paper compounds – including a forecast to 2016
Supply shortages, rising crude oil prices, declining margins and the increasingly demanding call for sustainability by commerce as well as consumers are forcing packaging manufacturers to develop creative solutions. The market for paper compounds is growing. The latest GVM study highlights current and future trends, analyses top-player strategies and provides specific recommendations for action. It can be ordered as of now and delivery will begin in the middle of November. You can download a short description here.

09/2012: GVM becomes a member of the German Packaging Institute (DVI)
By collaborating with the German Packaging Institute (DVI), GVM is taking another step towards networking. This membership offers us many new opportunities: diverse sources of information, exchanging of ideas regarding new trends in the industry and last but not least the chance to introduce our products and services. We are looking forward to the cooperation with the German Packaging Institute.

09/2012: “The raw materials supply is sprouting in the forest”: GVM article in the LZ
Just in time for the trade fair ‘Fachpack’ selected results from a study on paper compounds are introduced in an article in the ‘Lebensmittelzeitung’ (Food Magazine) (21 Sept. 2012 edition). GVM, in cooperation with consultants from sciendea+, analyzed the German market for paper compounds and provided an overview of current and future trends and structures. Sustainability, costs, barrier and print properties are key factors that influence market development. The focus is on the strategic evaluation of sub-markets from which options for market players are derived. The market analysis can be ordered from GVM as of the beginning of November.

03/2012: Presentation of distribution distances for reusable beer packaging
In a comprehensive professional article in the 09-10/12 edition of the BRAUWELT GVM presents the results from its study on distribution distances for reusable bottles. By using a new method it was possible to determine representative distances between breweries and households. The study, which was conducted last year for the Aluminum Industry Association GDA, is now available in our download area.

11/2011: UBA Project Update Life Cycle Assessments – GVM part the team
The study by the Environmental Agency “Checking and Updating of Life Cycle Assessments for Beverage Packaging” was awarded to the Ifeu, Heidelberg in early September. Ifeu will carry out the project in cooperation with GVM and Integrahl.
During the study, with an estimated time frame of 38 months, life cycle assessments are to be updated, and methodology checked and further developed. Representativeness is yet another key aspect. With its expertise GVM will contribute mostly regarding issues such as market importance of packaging systems, distribution and circulation times.

07/2011: Recycling bin: 1.3 million tons non-packaging of similar materials on the market
According to results provided by the Cyclos/HTP study 0.6 million tons of non-packaging of similar materials can be collected in a recycling bin. However, considerably more is introduced on the market: About 1.3 million tons and 0.96 million tons of this are plastics. Household goods and DIY goods are the groups with the highest volume of non-packaging of similar materials, together with 0.62 million tons they make up almost half of the market. This is demonstrated by data on market quantities for same material non-packaging, which GVM presented in a study. Read also our Press Release from 18, July 2011. You can find more information on the study and the order form here.

05/2011: More understanding of the recycling bin
On March 30 the Federal Cabinet decided to introduce a nationwide, uniform recycling bin. Along with the contents of the previous “yellow bin” “non-packaging of similar materials” is now supposed to be collected as well. But what should be considered “non-packaging of similar materials”?
Our article in the Lebensmittelzeitung from 06, May 2011 tries to answer this question. Read it here and also download the goods grouping system according to GVM with examples of “same material non-packaging”.

05/2011: Outdated quota of GVM study “Out-of-home consumption” inadmissible as basis for industry solutions
Apparently some market participants are still using “quotas” derived from historic GVM studies regarding out-of-house consumption. GVM criticizes this dubious procedure. Read our statement here.

Older Releases
12/2010: GVM presents study on licensing of sales packaging
At the AGVU orientation day on 2nd Dec., 2010 GVM CEO Kurt Schüler presented results from the study “Courses of action options to increase levels of sales packaging licensing for end consumers”. The results prove that the 5th amendment of the Packaging Ordinance in 2009 without a doubt has been very beneficial to licensing levels. However, the contractual quantities of dual systems are already considerably decreasing again in 2010. For 2011, an even further decline in volume is expected. In the study, GVM makes detailed suggestions as to how this development can be counteracted. The report can be downloaded from the AGVU website.

10/2010: Extensive checks on declarations of completeness
A survey conducted by the operator of the platform shows: Authorities are conducting extensive checks regarding declarations of completeness made by marketers of packaging. Controls will tighten again this year. Read the Press Release from ARGE VerpackV konkret and the article in the Lebensmittelzeitung from 08, Oct. 2010.

10/2010: GVM studies on the differentiation of §-6-packaging are immediately available for downloading, free of charge
GVM market studies on the differentiation of sales packaging from final consumers according to § 6 paragraph 3 in connection with § 3 paragraph 11 Packaging Ordinance are ready for downloading. Before downloading please read the Terms of Use and legal notices.
GVM has also posted a Press Release regarding the publication of GVM studies on the differentiation of §-6-packaging.

06/2010: Innoform Conference
Disposal friendly plastic packaging – material flows, recycling and sustainability
50 persons took part in the conference which was for the first time conducted by Innoform and GVM together. Lectures can be downloaded (subject to a charge) from Innoform.

06/2010: Current market study – development of packaging, consumption of flexible plastics by industry, 3rd edition
By exposing development trends and growth markets the study provides an overview of the market in 2009 and a forecast for 2014. As a result, the customer receives an evaluation of the packaging consumption by mass and surface. Emphasis should be placed on quantification of plastic types according to areas of application.
Further information: sample charts, tables of contents and brochure.

04/2010: ARGE VerpackV konkret (Work group Packaging Ordinance) in the LZ
In its 01, April 2010 edition the newspaper Lebensmittelzeitung dedicates an interview and two professional articles to the workgroup VerpackV konkret (GVM / cyclos GmbH). The Internet platform is introduced in detail.

03/2010: The Lord of Data – neue verpackung, 03/2010 edition
As part of their personality series the professional magazine neue verpackung published a portrait of Jürgen Heinisch, CEO at GVM. The article can be downloaded here as a PDF document.

12/2009: Development of packaging consumption, 16th edition
The 16th edition of our studies series “Development of packaging consumption” has been released. Read all about it in our brochure.

10/2009: GVM participates in the promotion project “The Perfect Package” as a jury member
With the support of the foundation “Jugend forscht e.V.” DHL Package is conducting the promotion project “The Perfect Package”. The results of the competition will be introduced to a five-person jury in November and will then be evaluated by its jury. GVM’s CEO Jürgen Heinisch is one of the jury members.

07/2009: The Packaging Ordinance is getting specific
Together with Cyclos GmbH, GVM has founded the workgroup “ARGE VerpackV konkret”. First results from this workgroup will be introduced on the Internet platform

01/2009: Plastic recycling quota rises sharply
With the recycling footprint for packaging GVM has presented first results for the development of recycling quotas in 2007. According to this, the recycling quota for plastic packaging has increased by 15 % points since 2005.

12/2008: The packaging market for fruit smoothies
With the short evaluation “The packaging market for fruit smoothies” GVM introduces a new market overview. With a growth of 280%, consumption has increased in 2007 to 28.4 million liters. Production of this relatively new beverage segment was significantly higher in 2007 with 35 million liters due to export.
Are you interested in more information? Then contact Mr. Heinisch (0611-27804-26) for conditions.

12/2008: Industry solutions introduced to environmental experts
Successful presentation of the GVM study to representatives of the Federal States, the Federal Ministry of Environment and environmental experts. You can find more information in the GVM Press Release.

05/2008: Cooperation in the field of biopolymers
In the future GVM will be cooperating with the Bioprocess Engineering Department of the University of Applied Sciences Hannover and the Fraunhofer IVV, Freising, on the issue packaging from biopolymers. In the packaging sector biopolymers currently have low market relevance; but high growth rates are expected. Therefore, the opportunities for biopolymers are also the subject of a planned collaboration of the Biochemical Engineering Department of the University of Applied Science Hannover with the Werner Achilles GmbH & Co. KG in Celle in this field.
Contacts are Dr. Stramm (Fraunhofer IVV), Prof. Dr. Endres (University of Applied Science -Hannover) and Mr. Heinisch (GVM).