Many decisions require looking ahead into the future. GVM will help you with that – on a solid basis and with a high degree of reliability. Due to our time series of individual markets we are able to identify trends while always factoring in important variables such as

  • Socio-demographic factors (population, gender, age structures, households, income)
  • Legal frameworks (liberalization, package volumes, German Act for Recycling Management [Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz KrWG], labeling obligations, REACH etc.
  • Consumer behavior
  • Technical trends (material innovations, new developments)

In addition to that, interviews with experts are another source for the evaluation of future market developments and help us to assess development potentials from different point of views. These experts include e.g. packaging specialists, designers or marketing experts.

Your results provide high-level quantitative or qualitative prognosis that can also be made under consideration of different market development scenarios – for example if two different essential variables are possible for future developments.

Long-term observations, analysis, forecast