Secondary Research

Secondary research uses sources of data and information which are already available. Therefore, it is considerably less expensive than primary research but still of very high importance for many questions. We use the following sources of information:

  • Official statistics (production, foreign trade, sales statistics and many more)
  • Publications from associations, (market) research institutes as well as other institutes, address books, etc.
  • Internal sources
  • Company publications
  • Our comprehensive survey and periodical archive
  • Media of all kind (magazines, newsletters, brochures, discussion papers, specialist books)
  • Online research using professional databases

Furthermore, we also use the expertise of other market research institutions. If necessary, we give precise and targeted orders to well-known market research institutions like:

  • GfK SE, Nuremberg
  • Information Resources GmbH (IRI), Düsseldorf
  • The Nielsen Company, Frankfurt
  • infas geodaten GmbH, Bonn
  • YouGov Deutschland GmbH, Cologne

Long-term observations, analysis, forecast