Panel market research

Since the late 1970s GVM compiles yearly market reports on selected market segments thus giving us an excellent and proven market research tool at our disposal

The GVM panel surveys important companies of the filling industry and provides a reliable and differentiated picture of the development of filling good and packaging in your sales markets Furthermore, we provide you with a forecast (2 or 5 years) of market volume development and structural market changes.

In contrast to other surveys like household or retail panels, the GVM encompasses the whole market, including the commercial and industrial consumption (e.g. in hotels, canteens, on-the-go consumption etc).

You can find an overview of the planned reports for the current year here. (German version)

In addition, our GVM panel is a crucial basis for our long-time study concerning the “Consumption of drinks in one-way and re-usable packaging” for the German Federal Environmental Agency.


Download the description of our GVM packaging panel (German). Just click on the image.