Our key market research theme is B2B packaging, covering all issues across all industries and emphasizing on the areas food, beverages and FMCG. We implement projects for you at all economic levels – throughout the entire German market, with regard to individual markets and industries or at the level of individual companies.
Core competencies:

  • Market and competition analysis as well as market forecasts
    Sales structures, market segments, distribution, market trends, growth opportunities, substitution potential, etc.
  • Analyses for the material flow of fillers, packaging and their components
    Development and manufacturing, usage and consumption, returns and disposal or recycling
  • Questions concerning the Packaging Ordinance especially relating to market research Packaging/non-packaging, source of waste generation (industry quotas, licensing regulations), disposable/reusable
  • Questions concerning delimitation and market volume of non-packaging of similar materials in connection with the recycling bin

Particularly benefit from the leading GVM proficiency for all issues regarding the Packaging Ordinance. We not only offer analyses, but also provide sound consulting services. With our cooperation partner cyclos GmbH, one of the key experts in the field of waste management and material flow management, we operate the Internet platform
Together with you we develop the optimum study for a solution to your problem. Often enough the quick and cost efficient analysis of our own databases, unmatched in Germany in terms of completeness and timeliness, is simply the best option. You can also employ GVM and its network of partners for an individual, commissioned study. We help you go from facts and figures to the decision and if necessary guide you through the implementation.

Only the right conclusions make data valuable!